Jussi Svendsen

Mechanical Engineer


Becoming an international mechanical engineer all started during my years at the European School in Belgium. I was born and raised in Brussels and my educational background can be found under my CV.

Studying engineering happened mostly in Denmark, although I was lucky enough to spend a year in Scotland as a Visiting Student at the University of Edinburgh.

Growing up in a multinational environment, I have knowledge of several languages and cultures, including Danish, English, French and Spanish, skills which I’ve used frequently in my professional life.


Having work experience is important for me, which is why I’ve focused on the practical applications of engineering during my studies. I spent nearly a year as an intern in an engineering department for the large pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk and I wrote my thesis on the development of a hydraulic block for an automatic agricultural machine at a small engineering company called F.Poulsen Engineering ApS.

I’ve worked two years for AVN Hydraulik A/S, a small Danish company focused on the international trade of hydraulic units for the industry. My largest project was developing a hydraulic unit for two FPSO oil ships for Brazil, which was built in Singapore but developed partly in Denmark. Because of my cultural knowledge combined with my engineering skills, I was put in charge of a number of international customers based in France and Holland.

I am now working at Frese A/S, a large Danish company focused on the international trade of balancing valves for HVAC systems. I'm currently working in their R&D department as an R&D Engineer where I'm developing new products. The project covers everything from design (3D CAD and calculations), economics, manufacturing and testing of prototypes, setup of production line, and much more. The new products must be cheaper and have more functions than the previous ones. More information about all of my projects can be found under the projects tab.


I am a very curious engineer. I like to experiment and discover new things, and I enjoy learning about new topics. I am therefore happy that I have a career in an R&D department at a large international company where I am able to expand my knowledge while being productive.

My plans are to continue my career by focusing on research and development with in depth engineering. Having tried working both with sales and purchasing, and with research and development, I’ve discovered that even though I have a feel for trade, I prefer focusing on problem solving and design.

I favour complex and advanced machinery, and if you have any questions or simply want to contact me, you may find all of my information under the contact tab.