Jussi Svendsen

Mechanical Engineer


Jussi Richart Foltmar Svendsen




Zealand (Denmark)


(+45) 27 29 75 71



  • - Project Management

  • - Economics

  • - Problem Solving

  • - Technical Communication

  • CAD

  • - Inventor

  • - Vault

  • - Solid Edge

  • - Solidworks

  • - AutoCAD


  • - Technical Documentation

  • - Product Development

  • - Technical Design

  • - Material Knowledge

  • - Fluid Mechanics

  • - Hydraulics

  • - Spring Design

  • - Thermodynamics

  • - Dynamics

  • - Morphology


  • - Internal Sales

  • - Microsoft Office

  • - HTML website coding

  • - Sony Vegas video editting

  • - GIMP image editting

  • - Physics

  • - Mathematics

My name is Jussi Svendsen. I'm a project manager and mechanical design engineer at Frese A/S in Slagelse on Zealand in Denmark. I've worked at Frese since 2013 in the R&D department where I've had the opportunity to design new products from scratch. After an idea is handed over to me, it's my responsibility to create a business case. After the economics and time schedule of the project has been approved, it's my responsibility to design and optimize the new product in Inventor. I thereafter create prototypes and test them myself in our laboratory. When the tests have been approved, it's up to me to create the technical documentation and set the product into mass production. I approved a pilot batch before I end the project.

My time at AVN Hydraulik A/S, before I was hired by Frese A/S, gave me a lot of experience with larger systems. I was in internal sales where I took care of international customers because of my linquistic skills. I'm fluent in danish, english, and french, and I can speak a little spanish. At AVN Hydraulik A/S I also worked with purchasing in order to acquire the components necessary to assemble the hydraulic systems I designed. I was part of the process from the beginning and until the hydraulic system was delivered to the customer.

With my large knowledge and international background I've been an asset to the companies I've worked at. Most of my projects have given large economical benefits because of my optimization skills and the fact that I'm able to stay within budget and keep up with deadlines. If you want to know more about me, you can read more on this website. Take a look at the various projects I've been a part of, and you can also find my various documents. You are also welcome to contact me with any questions you may have.